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Microsoft Store Shuts Down Some Relevant Sections For Business And Education Users

Microsoft Store is a digital distribution platform owned by Microsoft from where Windows 10 Operating System users can acquire paid, free, and freemium apps. Well, dear users, what I’m about to tell something that might make you sad.

The digital marketplace might shut down its dedicated sections, such as Education and Business. There is no official confirmation from Microsoft Store; however, if it turns out to be accurate, it means it might undergo deprecation, although the ‘Web Version’ of the digital marketplace could still function for the near future.

Microsoft Store’s situation looks very uncertain at the moment. The marketplace company is seriously thinking of shutting down some of the main sections of the Microsoft Store, including both Business and Education sections.

It looks like Microsoft gives serious thought about changing its strategy appertaining to the Windows 10 App Store.

Microsoft Store Shuts Down Some Relevant Sections For Business And Education Users

We don’t know for sure when Microsoft Store for Business and Education will cease to exists, but we assume it will happen within this year. Microsoft will probably carry on supporting the apps with critical and security updates.

Microsoft Store App will continue to thrive for much longer for sure. All apps updates are done through it, and new software versions can be acquired from there, too, such as the upcoming Windows 10X perfect for dual-screen devices.

Microsoft App Store’s goal was to have a single digital App Store for Windows 10; however, this goal was not achieved, unfortunately. Numerous app developers have chosen to distribute their creations on separate websites instead of the Microsoft Store. Therefore, when you compare it to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, Microsoft Store has a minimal number of apps.

Although Microsoft has done its best to convince big developers like Apple, Facebook, Adobe, or Spotify to adopt the Microsoft Store recently, many other developers choose to stay away.

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