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League of Legends Client Bug Patch 10.1: Users Report Right Side of The Client Is Missing

UPDATE: The bug has been fixed. Riot Support has stated they had fixed the issue:

League of Legends Patch 10.1 has rolled out in the early hours of January 8 and it seems things didn’t go smoothly for users on EUNE and EUW severs that have reported their right side of the client is missing.

The bug is quite annoying since that’s where the friend list, status, avatar, quests, and chat lobby are. Even the button that lets us send encountered bugs is missing, which makes sending this bug via client impossible.

We have reached out to Riot and League of Legends Twitter pages for an answer to this issue and are currently waiting for a fix. Check back here in the coming hours for an update on the situation.

Here is more information on this bug, according to Reddit users on the League of Legends subreddit – Bug Megathread:


  • Type of Bug: Client bug.
  • Description: My Whole chat section (right side of the client) is missing.


  • Launcher bug
  • Cant see any of my friends/myself + cant join lobby chat

Special thanks to Bogdan who notified me about this bug. Hopefully we will get a fix in time for ranked – for those that want to play duo or flex, this would be a problem.

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  1. Matt J Fultz

    I’m having the right side of my client not being visible. I cant not see much friends list or when people invite me. I am unable to play with friends. I just want to know why the client has had so many bugs here recently

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