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Pay Off Your Debt and Achieve Financial Freedom at the Same Time

​Debt can be overwhelming, more so if it’s in the double or triple-digits. Many experts and gurus in the domain have some particular ways of dealing with debt, and Tiffany Aliche is one of them. ‘The Budgetista’ had around $300,000 in debt after the last recession, but managed to get rid of it and started to help others do the same.  “The first step really is forgiving yourself because almost everyone who has a lot of debt is already beating themselves up. We underestimate how important the emotional component of debt…

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Best Educational Mobile Games To Train Brain And Improve Learning In Kids And Teens

Some of the typical popular games at the moment are Draw Climber, the Hot Lava, and Apex Legends. You can play most of them on your mobile phone. Take the Apex Legends, for example — this game is one of the people’s favorite, and it could become the most played mobile game very soon. However, mobile games have a wide range of genres, and one of them is educational mobile games. So in this article, we are going to talk about fun games to play that put your brain in…

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5 Tips on How to Create the Best Content for Social Media

Most companies today are searching for content writers for social media, especially when it comes to building a brand online. The content is a vital part of branding, whether when promoting a cause or securing an online fan base. However, some might find it difficult to create interesting material as the inconsistent social media algorithms correlated with the fast-phased social media users. It would take time, lots of effort, and even money just to reach the number of likes and shares you might be aiming for. Still, without the adequately planned content, all…

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One room schools shaped education in Douglas County Education 

One room schools shaped education in Douglas County

In Oregon, schools were established shortly after people moved to the state. In the entire Douglas County, a few of the remnants belonging to those early education days are still visible. One-room schools were a norm in the US from early 18th century up to the mid of 20th century. And, nearly 50% of all the American school kids attended such kind of institution. A public system of school in Oregon was developed in the year 1849. Most of these comprised of one-room schools, comprising of just an individual teacher…

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Iowa education leader hails work-based learning initiative Education 

Iowa education leader hails work-based learning initiative

In Iowa State, the current scenario is somewhat where the businesses have joined hands with the state to provide the students with opportunities of experiencing the real world. The businesses are being expected of acting as a model of inspiration to boost education related to a career in the district schools of Iowa. According to the reports released by Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, the state is making use of the Iowa Clearinghouse, which is currently unveiled to motivate students to indulge in Work-Based Learning and is helping them to grasp on…

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Higher education doesn't protect equally against secondhand smoke Education 

Higher education doesn’t protect equally against secondhand smoke

A recent study conducted in the United States suggests that higher education levels tend to promote health. This is because it helps people avoid several health-based environmental risks. However, this benefit might not extend in an equal form to all the ethnicities and races when it boils down to the cases of secondhand smoke. All-in-All, attaining higher education degrees have been associated with lower cases for exposure to 2nd hand smoke during work. However, this protective effect was rather small for the Hispanic and black people. This was especially true…

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King County allocates $318 million for education Education 

King County allocates $318 million for education

King County will spend most of some $318 million in state money on K-12 and postsecondary education programs along with early learning and in-home care providers. Discussions on how to spend the one-time lump of cash from the state has been debated at the King County Council in recent months as council members hashed out a few main target areas to put the money toward. The funding itself was approved by the state Legislature in 2015, and comes from a sales and use tax paid by Sound Transit as it…

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Grants Announced For Environmental Education In Baltimore Education 

Grants Announced For Environmental Education In Baltimore

BALTIMORE — Baltimore is getting some federal funding for environmental education programs. Rep. John Sarbanes announced Wednesday that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will provide $120,000 to give high school students immersive environmental education opportunities. The Parks & People Foundation and the Living Classrooms Foundation will each receive $60,000 to strengthen environmental learning programs in the city. Both organizations are Baltimore-based nonprofits. Funding for the Parks & People Foundation will support a new program for Baltimore high school students to explore and design green spaces. Funding for Living Classrooms will help…

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Computer science education for Illinois children, teachers to be summit focus Education 

Computer science education for Illinois children, teachers to be summit focus

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Teachers, lawmakers and other stakeholders will convene on the University of Illinois campus to discuss ways of ensuring that Illinois’ schoolchildren enter college and the workforce computer literate – and that the state’s colleges and universities are preparing teachers to provide that education. The inaugural Illinois Statewide K-12 Computer Science Education Summit will occur Sept. 20 at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, 1205 W. Clark St., Urbana. Participants will discuss the many issues related to computer science education in public schools, including Illinois’ lack of learning standards for…

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Lamont, Cardona talk about education priorities from minority teacher recruitment to coding Education 

Lamont, Cardona talk about education priorities from minority teacher recruitment to coding

Meriden — Gov. Ned Lamont and his new education commissioner, Miguel Cardona, presented an agenda Tuesday that included increasing internship opportunities, upping the number of minority teachers, addressing the achievement gap, ensuring that all students can succeed, and expanding computer science and coding classes. “Florida has sunshine, Texas has oil,” Lamont told the dozens of education leaders and advocates gathered at Wilcox Technical High School — Cardona’s alma mater. “You go with what your strengths are. In Connecticut, our strength has always been an amazing school system.” Education, Lamont said, is…

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