Launch Night In Technology 

Launch Night In event reveals Google’s new Photo Editor

Launch Night In event revealed the company’s latest smartphone models, the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G. However, that’s not all. Google has also unveiled a new Photos editor feature. Android users can use the new feature to improve snapshots, and the good news is that it is available for everyone. That means you don’t need to own one of the latest Pixel models in order to use it. Launch Night In revealed that the latest Photos editor uses artificial intelligence (AI) to recommend adjustments to photos. The user can apply…

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Pixel 4a, Pixel 5, and Pixel 4a 5G Technology 

Pixel 4a, Pixel 5, and Pixel 4a 5G Comparison

Google has finally released its 2020 smartphone series. Part of the complete collection is Pixel 4a, Pixel 5, and Pixel 4a 5G. Although they don’t come with the same premium features as Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, they are certainly more affordable. However, the question is, which one to buy? Pixel 4a, Pixel 5, or Pixel 4a 5G? This article will help you make up your mind about one of the above models. Without further ado, let’s start the comparison.  Google Pixel 4a Display: 5.81-inch OLED, 2,340 x 1080 resolution Chipset:…

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Instagram DMs News Technology 

Instagram DMs merges with Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger might soon extend its boundaries to Instagram DMs. Instagram will integrate Facebook Messenger into its platform to allow the user to conduct conversations without switching apps. Facebook is the developer of Messenger; however, it also works as a separate platform. Facebook is a giant well-spread platform, which means its Messenger app is also linked to many other social media platforms, including Instagram (now).  Instagram DMs merges with Facebook Messenger Don’t get confused about the Messenger integration to Instagram. That doesn’t mean that the two apps are merging. Any other messages and calls from other…

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News Technology 

The Outage of Microsoft 365 is Affecting Many Services

Microsoft Office 365 made a lot of users happy since its release in 2011. The service was initially intended for corporate users, being a successor to Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). After the release of Microsoft Office 2013, Office 365 was expanded to target different types of businesses, including new plans aimed for general consumers. But Office 365 seems to be down for the count for now, and Microsoft said that the culprit is a recent change introduced by the Redmond-based company. Many Microsoft 365-related services are affected Due…

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OnePlus 8T Technology 

OnePlus 8T: Release Date, Design, Specs, Price, and more

OnePlus 8T is the upcoming smartphone from OnePlus. The 8 series came out early this year. But looking back at 2019, we see the company released the OnePlus 7 and 7T, followed by the OnePlus 7 Pro the 7T Pro models. However, according to CEO Pete Lau, the company has a different strategy for 2020. Much to some fans’ disappointment, the company won’t release an OnePlus 8 Pro model this year.  Judging by the last year’s strategy, we understand why OnePlus doesn’t want to repeat the same mistakes. There are…

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Motorola Razr 5G Technology 

Motorola Razr 5G: Official US Release Date and Upgrades

Motorola Razr 5G was launched, however, not worldwide. The new foldable phone is finally arriving in the United States on October 2. Only several retailers will sell this mobile phone; however, the good news is that the fans can acquire it unlocked. On the other hand, if you wish to buy the smartphone on contract, you can do so from AT&T and T-Mobile. Motorola Razr 5G is not a cheap smartphone; the original price was $1,399. However, fans can get an excellent $700 discount. The offer is available at AT&T;…

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Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro Technology 

Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro Full Specs and New Images

The Mi 10T and Mi 10T Pro smartphone are right around the corner. Xiaomi will officially release the new series on September 30. The event will take place online due to the current world situation, but that’s not a problem. So far, many leaks have surfaced on the internet. However, this time we get to see the mobile phone from all angles.  Although we heard a few specs about the upcoming series, the latest images come with the full details. The latest leak was shared by Sudhanshu Ambhore (@sudhanshu1414) on Twitter.…

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A Technology 

Get Samsung Galaxy Tab A for $50 less this weekend

Samsung Galaxy Tab A is now on offer. If you are looking to buy a new tablet or simply want to replace your old one, Amazon and Walmart have a great deal. Both retailers are now selling the Galaxy Tab A for $50 less. Although this is not the first time we see an amazing Samsung tablet deal, this $50 saving represents the most significant price drop since December 2019.  On Black Friday last year, Galaxy Tab A was priced at $149. However, the 10-inch tablet costs $179, and it…

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PS5 I/O bandwidth Technology 

PS5 I/O bandwidth can reach 17.38 GB/s

PlayStation Access explains how the PS5 tech works in a new video. The video focuses on the upcoming console’s SSD and Input/Output (IO) system. However, it looks like the concept is much cheaper than its actual worth. At least, according to Wccftech. So far, Sony has advertised its PS5’s SSD quite a lot. Another focus was the excellent read speeds of the console. However, we did not hear that much about the custom I/O unit, which plays an essential role in the process.  PS5 Tech explained It turns out the…

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Google Pixel 5 Technology 

Google Pixel 5: List of things we don’t know yet

Google Pixel 5 is right around the corner. The upcoming Google event is fast approaching, and we assume the company will officially introduce its next-gen smartphone. The conference will take place on September 30. Although we know almost everything about the upcoming flagship from leaks, we are also curious to find out what is left unknown. Therefore, this article covers all subjects leaks that don’t seem so sure. Yes, we know Google Pixel 5 was heavily leaked; however, there are still a few points that are not very clear to…

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