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7 Best Minecraft Podcasts: Reviewed

Minecraft is a sandbox game that allows players to explore, create, and survive in a procedurally generated world made out of pixelated blocks. Adults, teenagers, and kids — this game has managed to fascinate individuals from every generation. However, there’s a lot to learn about how the world works that can be hard to grasp without guidance. We’ve listed seven podcasts on Minecraft that fill this gap and offer wisdom for players of every age and background.

1. The Spawn Chunks — A Minecraft Podcast

“The Spawn Chunks” is hosted by Joel Duggan and Jonny (also known as Pixlriffs). They explore the latest Minecraft news and engage in healthy community discussions. “The Spawn Chunks” has more than just insights, it also has a community. You can join the hosts on their official discord, chat with fellow fans, and get more advice. Some of the popular topics include development snapshots, game content, and, of course, tips and tricks. There isn’t a fixed schedule but you’ll likely see a new episode release about every 10 days!

2. Dig Straight Down — A Minecraft Podcast

Dig Straight Down” is a Minecraft podcast by a fan who likes to call himself RebelJC. He discusses new updates and frequently comes up with new techniques to get rid of mobs. He also suggests new ideas and features for making that blocky universe even better. Multiple episodes are released every week!

3. The Withering Effect — Minecraft Podcast

“The Withering Effect” is helmed by DuDs and Jimbo who initially started on the “Ripple Effect” (a survival multiplayer Minecraft group). In between podcasts, these guys are active participants in their community. They bring the freshest Minecraft news, insights, and creative ideas every week! Want to construct a towering base? They likely already have an episode to help you out. Braving the darkest mines? They probably already have a bunch of stories you can learn from. A new episode released every month.

4. Minecraft Short Stories

Minecraft Short Stories is a podcast by Callum Ellis, a Minecraft player and author. Ellis narrates game-related narratives and stories on his podcast. The podcast has helped foster a thoughtful Minecraft community. The stories are sometimes about ocean monuments and jungle temples. Othertimes, they can be about a creeper befriending an Ocelot. So if you’re a Minecraft player with interesting stories, just email yours to Ellis and he may loop in yours on an upcoming episode. Don’t forget to tune in every couple of days to hear a lot of interesting stories from Minecraft players all over the world.

5. The Amazing Minecraft Podcast

The “Amazing Minecraft Podcast” features Gabriel and Gideon, two young Minecraft enthusiasts discussing the popular game. Both of them sound like teenage boys and their takes are usually filled with actual, actionable insights on Minecraft. They don’t have a fixed schedule, but usually release at least one episode every month.

6. Redstone Weekly — A Minecraft Podcast

“Redstone Weekly” is a unique podcast where host Kraggle09 blends Minecraft gameplay with thought-provoking discussions on potential updates, mobs, and more. Beyond simply playing survival Minecraft and assorted maps, Kraggle09 responds to listeners’ emails and voicemails and covers relevant news. He also showcases his aspiring mod-making skills. Not intrigued yet? Wait till you hear this charismatic teen talking. He’s probably 12-14 years of age. We don’t know his name as he has never revealed it but we can vouch for is his knowledge.

7. Minecraft Guide for Beginners by MCnoob

This podcast is hosted by a young boy who likes to call himself MCnoob in the game and on the podcast. Since most podcasts dive right into the intricacies of the game, MCnoob wants to help absolute beginners. The first episode of this podcast explains everything a beginner needs to know about coal in Minecraft — that’s how granular the discussions are! MCnoob is a young little boy who knows what he’s doing!


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