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Garena Free Fire Update: How To Delete Or Recover Your Account

When the battle royale genre became the new trend, a large number of developers and publishers released their take. One of the most popular ones is Free Fire, offered by a Garena, a prominent publisher which is well-known for its games.

Free Fire offers an excellent gameplay experience, blending the intensity of a battle royale with short matches which can be played even when you are traveling from one spot to another. The title works well even on budget devices, and it is quite popular, with millions of downloads and active players each day.

The game is available for both Android and iOS devices. Upon starting the game, users will be asked to create a Garena account. In some cases you may want to delete this account due to a variety of reasons. Follow the steps found below to delete the account.

Delete your Garena account

  • Open a browser and visit the official Garena website.
  • Log in with your credentials and navigate to Account settings.
  • Delete all the data and confirm the process when necessary.
  • Close the window.

Keep in mind that by deleting the data, you use the ability to access all the games offered by Garena. It is also important to note that Garena will delete inactive accounts after six months, which means that you can opt to do nothing and merely until the time passes.

Recovering your account

Many users tend to forget the password, which is quite bad since they are unable to login without it. Recovering your Garena account is quite easy if the account is registered with an active email address or a Facebook account.

Recover your Garena account

Go to the official Garena website and access the Account section.

Hit the forgot password button to start the recovery process. Follow the instructions which are showed and you should be able to change the password in just a few minutes.

Log in with the new data and enjoy!



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