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Google Play Store Brings A Controversial Update

It’s been just revealed that the Google Play Store is showing a pretty awkward behavior these days, according to the latest reports coming from the Android Central, which quotes info from the Android Police.

There are few threads on Reddit about users who haven’t been seeing any notifications after apps were automatically updated.

Google first assumed that this was a bug, but then a spokesperson from the tech giant confirmed that the lack of confirmations after apps get updates is something that has deliberately been done by the engineers of the company.

The main aim is to reduce notification spam from the Play Store, according to the spokesperson.

Mixed opinions on this latest change 

Some users obviously feel that it’s pretty useful to know which app received updates, but some believe that such notifications from Google can indeed get annoying.

Android Central notes that the PlayStore offers a choice between automatically updating apps when they are connected to s stable WiFi network or they can also ask for permission before downloading any update for a specific app.

The website highlights the fact that “while confirmations after an app has already been updated may be going away, Google is likely not going to remove these notifications asking for a user’s permission before downloading app updates.”

The same website notes that users on Reddit have been complaining that they stopped receiving the latter type of notifications meaning they were not informed of app updates as they are becoming available.

Google Play Store was in the spotlight back in December when it’s been revealed that there was a new vulnerability called StrandHogg discovered by the mobile security vendor Promon that was able to give hackers access to users’ photos, phone logs, contacts, and more.


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