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How the New Cars in Fortnite Work

The Fortnite 13.40 update featuring brand new cars has finally rolled out ​to the game. The update, called ‘Joy Ride,’ might have arrived a bit later than we expected, but now that the new additions are here, they are a lot of fun.

There are a few various drivable cars in the game, such as a pickup truck, a taxi, a tractor-trailer, and a hotrod. The vehicles also have official names, but since it is too early to find that out, we’re expecting their names to be revealed soon. Not every car in the title can be driven, but the ones that cannot be used have boots on them.

How to Use the Cars in Fortnite

The vehicles have varying amounts of health: the semi that can be driven in Creative mode has 1200 health, while one of the pickups has 1000, and a more standard car features 800 health.

They take damage, similar to the rest of the game’s vehicles, but can be healed by campfires. They also manage differently on various terrain, faring better on roads than grass, and slowing down and sinking if you get them in the water. Some additions have boost, and some don’t, and you can see the speed you’re having via the speedometer on your HUD.

As explained by a recently leaked challenge, cars need gas. They can be fueled up at gas stations using gas pumps, which you might remember are explosive, so it is best to learn from mistakes and drive carefully. Gas pumps are shown on your map, and to refuel your vehicle, you need to take a nozzle and press on the prompt for the pump.

In addition, you can also fill up gas canisters. Some players have reported they found ways to duplicate canisters, which is rather a glitch as the game has had a lot of those this season.

Fortnite 13.40 Update Also Brought Radio Stations

According to those who already tried the new additions, the cars are fun, allowing you to race with your teammates, shot from the windows as a passenger, and run down enemy players, who will take damage and fly in the air when you hit them.

So far, there weren’t found any specific car-related challenges or limited-time modes in Fortnite, but we could expect such things soon if the challenges aren’t there already.

The game now also has radio stations, similar to other driving titles such as GTA and Saints Row. Cars have various radio stations that can be switched or turned off. These radios pack game music as well as real-world artists, including Juice, 21 Savage, and J. Cole, as per dataminer Hypex.

For some, radio stations are not game-challenging, but they are a must-have function in other games with cars, so it is nice to have them in Fortnite now. Soon after the update has been rolled out, some players reported that radios are already having a problem on PC, which was later confirmed by Fortnite on their Twitter account.

Players are still discovering new things in Fortnite’s most recent update, but until now, cars seem more or less like we anticipated. It is great to have something so new and interesting this season, and players are looking forwards to have fun with them.


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