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Facebook Messenger Lite Beta Update Just Rolled Out

Facebook Messenger Lite is a communication app specifically created for low specs Android mobile devices that may have a low amount of RAM, not such a performance processor, and little internal memory.

The app is ideal for low-speed Internet users and data savers and comes with basic functions of the original Facebook Messenger. It only provides three tabs, unlike its regular counterpart: Home, Contacts, and Profile.

Facebook Messenger Lite’s Highlight Features

The Home tab is a straightforward list of your Messenger conversations, while the Contacts segment packs your Facebook friends. The Profile section is there for handling settings, notifications, and so on.

The app is a fast and data-efficient way to reach people in your life. It installs quickly and only needs about 10MB of storage space. Facebook Messenger Lite also saves data as it loads fast, operates efficiently, and uses a lot less of mobile data than any other communication app. It also works everywhere, enabling you to reach people even if you’re in a region with a slow or unstable Internet connection.

With Facebook Messenger Lite, you can contact anyone on Facebook, Facebook Lite, or Facebook Messenger. It enables you to see when people are active and available to talk, as well as message others on private or groups.

The chatting app also makes it possible to send photos, links, or better express yourself with stickers. You can make voice and video calls for free over Wi-Fi with people from all over the world.

It doesn’t, however, provides other feature and functionalities the original Messenger app offers, such as app extensions, GIFs, and more. Still, it is ideal to use if you are aiming to save data, have a device that’s low on memory, or the processor is not that advanced.

Facebook Messenger Lite Beta Update

The app has received a new update that is available for beta testers only, for the moment. The release, Facebook Messenger Lite beta update, comes with the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements.

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