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Google Drive Update Rolled Out With Improvements and Bug Fixes

Google Drive is a file storage service in which you can safely store all your files, having them within reach from any mobile device, tablet, or computer. The service was released back in 2012 by Google, and also synchronizes files across all devices, as well as provides the possibility to share them.

All the files in Drive, like videos, photos, and documents, are backed up safely so you cannot lose them. Once you got them there, you can invite others to view, edit, or leave comments on any files or folders.

Google Drive’s Features

With this Google service, you can basically store your files and access them from everywhere, quickly view the content you stored, and share them with others. The platform also makes it easy to search for files by name and content and access the recent files in a simple way.

Google Drive also allows you to set access levels for those who can either view, comment, or edit your content and see the files’ details and activity. It also offers the option to enable viewing of files offline, use your device’s camera to scan in paper documents, and access media from Google Photos.

Not long ago, Google has started giving users access to Drive shortcuts, making it easier to organize files and point people to certain ones across different folders. It enables you, for instance, to create a shortcut for a particular file saved in a shared drive and send it to people in your team.

The feature was incredibly welcomed before the tech giant has changed Drive’s folder structure. Now, the files that exist in multiple folders are changing into shortcuts following the change. Google has also replaced the old ‘Add to My Drive’ button’s function for a while so that tapping it will add a shortcut to Drive instead.

More changes and functionalities are rolled out through updates, which are released on a regular basis.

Google Drive Update

The latest release, Google Drive update, doesn’t bring any new tweaks or features but comes with various bug fixes and performance improvements.


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