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The Elder Scrolls 6 Rumors – What To Expect From The Future Release

The Elder Scrolls became one of the most praised video games so far. It was initially released back in 1994 by Bethesda Game Studios. Since then, the action role-playing video game has reached more than 58 million of sold units globally. The series centers on free-form gameplay in a designated open world. Now, the fans focus on the future The Elder Scrolls 6 installment in the series.

The setting combines pre-medieval real-world features, on the fictional continent Tamriel. Also, the series has developed a total of five games and many other spin-offs. Fans are now waiting in vain for the next installment. Rumors about the Elder Scrolls 6 have been circulating since Bethesda launched a trailer at E3 2018.

What To Expect from The Elder Scrolls 6

As Bethesda decided to remain silent about the next Elder Scrolls installment, some wonder if there will ever be a sixth part to the highly acclaimed video game. Among rumors and reports, we’ve got a confirmation and some hints from Todd Howard, the director, and executive producer at Bethesda. He released a teaser of The Elder Scrolls 6, confirming the existence of the game, at E3 back in 2018. Bethesda, on the other hand, has never announced anything about the exact launch date or year the next installment will appear.

Howard had also hinted that fans might wait a lot for the sequel. He detailed: “I think everyone should be very patient.” His statement also reflects Bethesda’s current plants. Devs are working on completing Starfield, a new game, which is booked for a launch event before The Elder Scrolls 6 installment.

As for Starfield, the situation is the same, as we don’t know yet when the devs are going to release it. Most likely, Bethesda will take another year or so for finishing The Elder Scrolls 6. Until then, the Elder Scrolls Online offers a great gaming experience you might want to try!


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