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Best Ways to Use the Frag Grenade in PUBG and PUBG Mobile

The online multiplayer battle royale games, PUBG and PUBG Mobile, feature realistic weapons. We should better call them mini weapons as we are talking about frag grenade and smoke grenade assets, which are quite small in size. However, they are very efficient in the battle.

Now, you might think that a small weapon is useless; it might seem that way; however, the frag grenade in this game has multiple advantages. For one, you can use the frag grenades in close-range combat. There are situations when you can even kill an enemy with a grenade, plus it’s an excellent way to clear the path for your teammates.

How can you kill your enemy with a frag grenade? For example, if your enemy is hiding in the corner of a room, it makes him an easy target for the small deadly weapon. But, let’s have a more in-depth look into this subject and see how you can use the grenades in the most effective ways.

Here are some tips about using the frag grenade in PUBG and PUBG Mobile

Frag grenades are the best choice, but only in some instances, such as when the enemy is hiding behind something. For example, it could be a tree, walls, or the corner of a room, building. Killing a sneaky enemy with a frag grenade is perfect. Even if you only hurt your opponent, it will be easier to take him down later.

The first thing you need to do is to spot the enemy location. Here is where your team can help you out. Throw the grenade in the hiding spot of your enemy, and if the sneaky opponent decides to evade the threat, it would be easier for your team to take him down.

Use the frag grenade underwater

If your enemy is hiding under the water, it will be difficult for you to kill him. However, this is a situation when the frag grenade comes in handy. A grenade is a great option in this case. When swimming, the health will start draining at a slower rate, which makes the enemy an easy target. When the opponent gets out of the water, fire your grenade, and damage his life.

Helmet and vest are useless against a frag grenade

Here’s the trick about grenades in PUBG: frag grenades cause damage regardless of the enemy wearing a new set of level-3 gears or not. Damaging the life of your enemy will make him an easier target. Use the low toss on you opponent to catch him unguarded, or take them by surprise with the high toss.

The only thing you need to be aware of when using a frag grenade in PUBG and PUBG Mobile is the timer. You only have five seconds to throw the weapon, or else it will explode while you hold it. After you click the pin of a grenade, the count down is starting. Pick your target, activate the frag grenade, then quickly toss it.


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