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Android 11 To Launch With ‘Live Caption’ Support For Phone Calls

When Android 10 was released, the developing team introduced the option to display written prompts on the screen for specific content on your smartphone. The latest build of Android 11 is thought to bring several improvements to this feature. The Developer Preview showed that the feature is likely to be available for phone calls as well, which will allow users to read precisely what the other person is saying.

The discovery of this feature was made utilizing the Device Personalization Services code. Therefore, it is probable that Android 11 will be released with this impressive feature in the final build. When the Live Caption is enabled on one’s phone, the other person will be notified that the person he is contacting has the featured turned on, and that will facilitate his understanding of the discussion, since everything that is said is written down.

‘Live Caption’ support to come in Android 11

This comes as good news since up until now, Live Caption had its limitations. The development of such a project is an important step ahead for Android 11 and the features that it offers. However, we must keep in mind that the company is still undergoing a series of tests on the device, and nothing is 100% sure. In the end, the Live Caption improvement might not be released at all.

The Android 11 beta version is receiving its last tests before the upcoming release that is scheduled for the forthcoming weeks. Therefore, the beta version is likely to offer us a proper insight into what will happen to the Live Caption’s upgrade and many more other new features that could come alongside Android 11.

The arrival of Android 11 is scheduled to take place in September this year, and hopefully, it will come with the Live Caption for phone calls enabled.


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