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Garena Free Fire: Obtain Ottero For Free In The Game

The recently released OB21 update of Garena Free Fire is bringing a new character increasing the gaming experience. Kapella is an Ottero pet that is available for the Clash Squad mode, and many more other improvements are there to amaze users, most of the updates were released in the same day, but Ottero was announced to be available later than usual. On the 22nd of April, the officials have made the most waited feature available for its users.

Kapella presents the availability of recovering its EP at the same time with the HP. During the first level, Kapella can recover up to 35% EP of the HP recovered, while using the Treatment Gun of Med Kit. When the user is at the maximum level, the character will recover an equal amount of EP and HP at the same time.

How to get Ottero for Free in Garena Free Fire

In addition to that mentioned above, users can unlock a series of three emotes and two different outfits for their character throughout the levels. Moreover, the officials have released a contest in which you can get your own Ottero at no expense. The Ottero Top-Up event allows users to keep their diamonds for themselves and unlock the character between the 8th and the 14th of April.

During the quest period, the players are requested to have an exact amount of diamonds to be granted with the prizes for free. The event can be found in the events section, and the players can get a series of rewards without paying anything. For a top-up of 100 diamonds, the Ottero character is yours for free.

The officials of Garena Free Fire are now looking forward to releasing the 24th season called “Dragon Elite Pass.” Its theme is going to be based entirely on a dragon experience, giving players a unique dragon costume that has a free pass.


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