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Best Internet Radios in 2020

What makes one internet radio better than others and which one should you buy?

While the market is filled with plenty of normal radios, some of you may have been looking for some good radios that have wi-fi and wired ethernet capabilities so you can connect them to Spotify or other streaming services. Most of the internet radios in our list have a lot more features included, as well as apps and some storage space.

We’ve only added top-of-the-line products that can be found on Amazon, and they all have great reviews. Before choosing one of the internet radios from our Best Internet Radios 2020 list, let’s check the most essential features you must take always take into consideration before making a purchase.

Buying Guide for the Best Internet Radios 2020

Sound: You want to make sure the sound quality is good so you can enjoy the music you want to listen to. Whatever the budget you have, make sure the sound quality of an internet radio is above average. There are plenty of cheap internet radios that have decent sound quality.

Build: The build quality is very important when you look for an internet radio. Look for the material to be reliable, the buttons not to be loose when you touch them, and easy to operate. Think of your internet radio as an item you buy and rely on every day, and for the years to come, so imagine how useless it would be with loose parts.

Battery: Most internet radios are great since they’re perfect to be carried around when traveling. This is why battery life is important. You should aim to get 5-6 hours of music with one charge. Alternatively, if you choose an internet radio that runs on AA batteries, always make sure you have extra sets when needed. A great feature some internet radios have is quick charging.

Brands: Usually, known brands and manufacturers offer more reliability than lesser-known brands. This means you should aim to buy a reliable internet radio from a well-known brand since it assures customers the product is reliable, has a good build and offers good sound performance. While this means the price tag is a bit higher, it would be a long-term investment since the more expensive internet radio models would last longer than the ones from a lesser-known brand.

Connections: Of course, being an internet radio, you will need to make sure the device has a powerful WiFi connection or a Bluetooth connection. Anything less than a great connection will make the internet radio totally useless.

With all these essential features in mind, we chose the best internet radios on the market, coming at different price ranges and with various extra features. Let’s start with the cheapest internet radios, which start within the $100 range and go up towards the most expensive one in our list, which has a price tag of around $600.

Sangean WFR-28 Internet Radio

Essential Specifications

  • Size & Weight: 2×9.3×5.7 inches, 2.8 lb
  • Sound Power:2 W
  • Input Source: USB, AUX, DLNA

+ Pros: reliable and long-lasting, can connect external devices, has the iSangean remote control app, alarm clock lets you wake to a certain Internet radio station, has an external telescopic antenna for better FM reception

– Cons: nothing comes to mind

The cheapest and best internet radio from our list is the Sangean WFR-28 internet radio. It is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and it’s more of a hybrid since it combines Internet radio with audio media streaming. It is a reliable internet radio, and lets you listen to over 16,000 radio stations from everywhere around the world, supporting various channels like CNN, BBC, NPR and over 35,000 podcasts.

The software comes with updated tech and the sound quality is great, even for a device this small. It lets you control bass and treble, having incorporated Digital EQ Settings. For an internet radio in the range of $100, this is the best choice for those on a budget that want a reliable and long-lasting device.

Sangean WFR-28 Internet Radio available on Amazon. 

CC WiFi Internet Radio

Essential Specifications

  • Size & Weight: 5x4x3.9 inches, 2.1 lb
  • Sound Power: 2 W
  • Input Source: UPnP

+ Pros: Compact design, powerful sound, has plenty of memory presets, great Wi-Fi connectivity, can stream up to 12,000 international stations

– Cons: display rather small, basic design

The CC WiFi Internet Radio offers good sound quality for a good price (in the $120 range). Its 2.5 inches speaker is small but surprisingly loud. Setting up the CC WiFi Internet Radio is very easy, and it has 99 memory presets.

It lets you stream over 16,000 radio stations from all over the world and has a great Wi-Fi connectivity but also lets you plug in an Ethernet cable.

Some of the downsides are that if the power goes out, you’ll need to set up the Internet Radio again. If you’re looking for something that looks fancier, then maybe the other Internet Radios in our list will be more to your liking.

CC WiFi Internet Radio available on Amazon.

Ocean Digital Internet Radio Wi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker

Essential Specifications

  • Size & Weight: 7x4x4 inches, 2.16 lb
  • Sound Power: 3 W
  • Input Source: AUX, DLNA, Bluetooth

+ Pros: reliable device, simple to use and set up, great sound quality, can stream up to 26,000 international stations, has plenty of memory presets

– Cons: will have some issues when you play media from other devices

In the same price range as the CC WiFi Internet Radio, the Ocean-Digital internet radio is the best budget internet radio you could purchase right now. That’s because it has plenty of features you’d usually find in premium internet radios.

With the capability to stream over 26,000 internet radio stations from around the world and support for WMA, MP3, AAC, AAC+ format playback, the Ocean Digital Internet Radio Wi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker is a great purchase. It also includes a 3.5 mm auxiliary input so you can connect an audio device and a 3.5 mm for external speakers. Add dual alarm settings, a snooze and a sleep timer, remote control and remote app, this internet radio is hard to beat when it comes to offering the most features for its price tag.

Ocean Digital Internet Radio Wi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker available on Amazon.

Aluratek AIRMM03F Wi-Fi Internet Radio

Essential Specifications

  • Size & Weight: 3×3.3×6.3 inches, 1.7 lb
  • Sound Power: 11 W
  • Input Source: USB

+ Pros: great sound quality, multitasking tool, access to social media, many connectivity options including the ability to connect to any WIFI 802.11 b/g/n wireless network, can stream up to 50,000 international stations

– Cons: confusing touchscreen menus, you can’t set it to wake to music

A little bit over the price of the previous two internet radios in our list, the Aluratek AIRMM03F Wi-Fi Internet Radio shines through its touch panel and the social accounts integration (Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook). Although the touchscreen design is definitely a pro, it sometimes is a bit confusing until you get used to it. You can install various apps like Spotify, iHeartRADIO, Pandora, and so on to get access to audio content.

The sound quality is amazing for its size, offering a clear and balanced sound. The Aluratek internet radio lets you access over 50,000 online radio stations and up to 35,000 podcasts. It comes with a rechargeable mAh lithium-ion battery, so you can carry it outside to listen up to five hours of music. For all these features, it is quite an affordable internet radio.

Aluratek AIRMM03F Wi-Fi Internet Radio available on Amazon.

Grace Digital Mondo+ Wireless Smart Speaker and Internet Radio

Essential Specifications

  • Size & Weight: 5x6x5.4 inches, 3 lb,
  • Sound Power: 10 W
  • Input Source: USB, AUX, Bluetooth

+ Pros: easy and simple to use, compatible with smartphones, has a big color 3.5-inch display, great and clear sound, good WiFi range, lets you save and play up to 10 presets, can stream 30,000+ internet radio stations, comes with the multi-room audio listening experience

– Cons: no FM or AM tuner, some apps (Pandora, Slacker, and Spotify) don’t come out of the box, doesn’t include a rechargeable Li-ion battery

The Grace Digital Mondo+ internet radio might come at nearly triple the money you’d pay for a Sangean WFR-28, but its many features are definitely worth the extra cash.

It lest you access over 30,000 internet radio stations, including CBS Radio, iHeartRadio, NPR, BBC, and SiriusXM.

The 3.5-inch color display and the remote control are easy to use, or you can just use the free Android or iPhone remote control app. The Grace Digital Mondo+ might look bulky, but it’s very portable and as long as you buy a rechargeable Li-ion battery, you can definitely take it with you during your travels. What also makes this device so good is that you can use it as a wireless smart speaker.

This is one of the top internet radio player we recommend getting, and if money is no issue, the lets head over to the premium internet radio that rules over the rest devices in our list.

Grace Digital Mondo+ available on Amazon.

Como Audio: Musica

Essential Specifications

  • Size & Weight: 5x16x5.6 inches, 9.3 lb
  • Sound Power: 30 W
  • Input Source: CD, FM, AUX, USB, Bluetooth

+ Pros: beautiful design and wood finish, high-quality sound, integrated CD-Player, also usable as a soundbar, offers lots of streaming services, easy to pair with many devices

– Cons: a bit bulky, LCD a bit too bright, knobs too small

Those that want to spend double the money you’d pay for a Grace Digital Mondo+ can definitely choose this premium internet radio that not only looks great but also has three times more sound power than the Grace Digital Mondo+.

Add the many connectivity options (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM, and AUX), the ability to integrate it with Alexa and a multi-room music system, the Como Audio: Musica is a top choice. You can even connect it to your TV to improve the sound and get that surround effect. The beautiful furniture wood body adds that premium look to the premium features we mentioned earlier.

Then there’s also a 2.8-inch color display screen that will feature album art, artist information, and details about online radio stations.

The sound is crystal clear and has a natural tonal balance perfect for music, radio, and podcasts. The Como Audio: Musica is definitely worth the money since it acts like a soundbar for your TV and offers a lot more options than the other internet radios on our list.

Como Audio: Musica available on Amazon.

Which Internet Radio to Buy?

You’ve read our guide at the beginning of our review and saw what each internet radio device can offer in terms of build, sound power and quality, and extra features. You’ll only need to decide which price range fits your budget and if you’re willing to spend more for some extra features. Before purchasing one of the devices in our Best Internet Radios 2020 list, read some customer reviews as well to see their feedback after trying the product.


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