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PlayStation 4 7.50 Software Update Comes with Endless Errors

Even though the PlayStation 5 console is several months away before launch, nobody denies that PlayStation 4 is still worth playing. But even so, the recent software update 7.50 is disappointing plenty of the PS4 users, although it was claiming that it has to offer only good things for the consoles (like any other update, of course).

The patch notes are claiming that the update will improve system performance, but the users weren’t happy at all about the outcome.

Errors after errors

PlayStation 4 owners had been complaining online on Reddit and other platforms that the new update shows error messages on the screen, produces crashing, infinite boot loops, and so on. For instance, user ‘bluntsnoopy’ wrote on Reddit the following message:

“So, I tried updating my PS4 yesterday and it kept giving me the (SU-42118-6) error. I figured I’d try again today but it still isn’t working. I tried doing the safe mode method and even rebuilt the database but it’s just stuck on the error. Is my PS4 permanently malfunctioned? Am I gonna have to get a new one? Someone pls help,”

However, those using a PlayStation 4 Pro are also affected by the update, as another user says: “Update ruined my Pro as well. Turned it on to see it telling me to update via USB which didn’t even work so I had to factory reset. UI is laggy and slow and it will freeze and shut off by itself. When I turn it back on I get a software error. Hopefully Sony pushes a fix soon,”

PS4 gamers are eagerly waiting for a fix to be provided by Sony soon, and it will surely come. The Japanese tech giant is always careful to bring its users what’s best, and what happened with the 7.50 update is most likely just an unexpected turn of events.

Sony’s next-generation console PlayStation 5 arrives near Christmas, along with Xbox Series X. A great console war is already looming, and predicting the winner is a very hard task.


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