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Top 4 Best Tower Assault Games That Resemble Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the most popular games in the Google Play Store. It has a real-time strategy, card collecting, online multiplayer, and duels with cards. This genre doesn’t really have a name. Most people call it tower assault. We are here to give you the best assault games that resemble Clash Royale.

Gears POP!

This game won’t cost you a penny. This is one of the newest tower assault games that resemble Clash Royale. In this game, you have to build a squad, fight with other players, and go up the ranks. The game also comes with various abilities and upgrades. You also get an AI opponent mode if you want to practice, and also other mechanics. The idea is the same as it is with Clash Royale, but the mechanics help you a bit more, so it’s not really the same deal.

Brawl Stars

This game is also free. It comes from Supercell, and you have to play against online opponents. The game comes with many game modes, one vs. one, two vs. two, and three vs. three. You will play along with some types of game mechanics. There are also leaderboards, heroes – to collect and upgrade – and new content when the game advances in action. It is not as intense as Clash Royale, but the online multiplayer is great.

League of Wonderland

This one is free and easy to play. League of Wonderland is also new. It’s done by SEGA, and the experience is all. You need to collect characters, build a team, and fight players online. There are about 2 minutes for every online match. All the strategy elements are present, the graphics are decent, and there are many different abilities to try.


This one is yet another free game to play. This game is about card dueling. Even if it’s not new, it’s still popular, and there a many cards to collect. You basically have to collect cards, build decks, and duel with another player. It only has single-player missions, and it comes with support for six languages. There’s a game for PC, and for phone. The action is not as much as you’d usually get on Clash Royale, but all the strategy elements are there.


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