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Minecraft Realms Plus May: What’s New?

Minecraft Realms Plus always introduces new content in the form of skins, items, game modes, and even maps!

This month we were introduced to five new maps/game modes, including The Enderman Heists, Skyline Parkour, Dinosaur Island, Lucky Block Rage, and Space Battle Simulator.

Here are our top picks for this month:

Fashion Frenzy

Fashion Frenzy is a skin pack that includes 40 impressive skins for updating your in-game wardrobe.

The skin pack is ideal for the players who enjoy staying on top of the fashion charts. The skins include regular T-shirts and short to long-sleeve shirts and torn pants, items that aren’t exactly typical for Minecraft.

Enderman Heists

The first map of this list is the Enderman Heists, created by Everbloom Games. The game mode requires stealth playthrough and cooperation to steal the Ghost Eye Gem from the Enderman Family mob in Block City.

The game mode is packed with complex stealth mechanics that make it unique but also includes full voice-over to make the experience even more immersive.

Skyline Parkour

Created by Pixels and Blocks, Skyline Parkour isn’t so story-intensive. Instead, it contains a total of 75 unique parkour courses and three luxury apartments. Also, it’s set in a neon city that looks stunning.

Players have to collect emeralds during their parkour runs to purchase power-ups.

The map also includes five neon skins to bright up your outfit.

Dinosaur Island

Dinosaur Island is another game mode/map created by PixelHeads and might make some players feel nostalgic by reminding them of Jurrasic Park.

Players have to solve the hidden mysteries of the island to survive.

You can fight dinosaurs, but the most impressive aspect of the map pack is that you can ride dinosaurs and complete epic boss battles that way! Isn’t that fantastic?


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