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How to Get the Cheetah Set in PUBG Mobile

The popular PUBG Mobile has rolled out an in-game brand new event that can be enjoyed until June 1st. Similar to all the other events in the title, there are a few rewards for players if you manage to complete some challenges.

Still, one of the most wanted items in the event, the Cheetah Set, can be unlocked through a certain amount of playtime or with real-life money. Here is how to unlock the set in PUBG Mobile.

How to Unlock the Cheetah Set

Unlike with the AUG Rainforest skin that was made available in the event, the Cheetah Set cannot be earned through a particular challenge. Rather, you have to spend a certain amount of BP in order to unlock different pieces of the set via the ‘BP spender’ event.

Here is how much BP you need to spend in order to get the various pieces of the set.

• 7,000 BP spent: Cheetah Glasses – 3 Days
• 14,000 BP spent: Cheetah Glasses – 7 Days
• 21,000 BP spent: Cheetah Set – 3 Days
• 42,000 BP spent: Cheetah Set – 7 Days

As noted, the increases in BP slowly enhance as the items and length get better. At 42,000 BP spend, you have the whole Cheetah Set, as well as the Glasses for seven full days. This length can surpass the event’s end date, but you have to complete the spending challenge by June 1st in order to get the set.

This is how your character should look after you’ve completed the four increments:

Cheetah Set [Image: PUBGMissions]
PUBG Mobile BP can be collected by playtime or through purchases with real-life money from the in-game store. Still, 42,000 BP will be rather costly if you thought of using the latter method. If you have some BP in the vault, this might be a great time to spend some in order to get the Cheetah Set.

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