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Free Fire: AWM vs. Kar98k – Which Sniper Rifle is Better?

Garena Free Fire is among the most popular battle royale games, ​offering numerous features the players love. The title also has many different weapons to get while on the battlefield, which includes assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns, sniper rifles, and more.

For long-range combat, the sniper rifle is the perfect weapon to use. Not only it causes severe damage, but it also comes with a low bullet drop. In addition, after attaching a scope to the weapon, it is easier to monitor every action taken by the enemy and eliminate it at the perfect moment.

To help you determine where and when to use different rifles to get a better score, we compared Free Fire’s AWM with the Kar98k below, based on details on the official Garena Free Fire and players’ comments.

AWM vs. Kar98k

The Kar98k and the AWM are two of the most used bolt action rifles, but sometimes, players get confused about which one is more powerful between the two weapons. Therefore, the description and comparison below will determine which rifle is best and when.


The damage of both weapons is the same, and are both equally deadly, notching 90 hit points in only one bullet and having zero armor penetration. Therefore, the rifles relatively offer the same performance in terms of damage.


Until now, the AWM is the most used weapon in long-range fights and has the greatest range among all weapons in the game. It boasts a 91 range, while the Kar98k only has an 84 range – that makes the AWM the winner of this aspect.

Accuracy and Reload Speed

Accuracy is incredibly important in battle royale games, as it allows you to hit exactly what you are aiming for. Although both the weapons come with the same precision, there’s a very low reload speed between the weapons: the AWM has a 34 reload speed pointer, while Kar98k has only 27 reload speed pointer.

The Bottom Lines

The Kar98k​ provides players with rather decent damage and no risk of dropping the hunt. It is stable but lacks the damage to carry out one-shot eliminations. In the meantime, the AWM provides one-shot kills; it is also faster and more accurate.

The AWM makes players very efficient with the limited ammo and creates fear and chaos in the enemy lines with the powerful sound and damage it emits. The Kar98k is perfect for players who do not want to go in for drops but still need a remarkable sniper.

With that said, the AWM is a better sniper rifle than Kar98k, more so if it is used by the right player.


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