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Did You Experience These Symptoms In December? You Might Have Had COVID!

The facet that many COVID patients are asymptomatic got many people concerned and just as many hopeful that they contracted and conquered the deadly virus.

That would be a convenient case – If you had the novel Coronavirus and won the fight against it, you likely have developed antibodies that would guard you furthermore.

A new study on that subject gives even more hope to Americans.

The Study

Researchers from UCLA discovered that the virus might have circulated American soil as early as the second half of December.

That hypothesis comes from the fact that, during that period, a common COVID symptom was on the rise – coughing!

The new study, posted in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, revealed a severe uptick in health clinic and hospital visits of those who manifested respiratory symptoms starting from December 22 and continuing through February.

Researchers analyzed data from three hospitals and 180 clinics, members of the UCLA Health System. They discovered that those who needed medical care due to cough exceeded the 95% prediction threshold through the following months.

The researchers then compared the number of patients reporting coughing with the average of the past five seasons.

For every 1,000 visits, they noticed twice as many cough-related visits than average in outpatient offices.

Also, emergency departments registered 19 more visits regularly, and hospitalizations with severe respiratory failure reported 39 more stops than usual.

The numbers are tangible proof that a statistically significant increase in patients experiencing respiratory problems happened from December through February in California.

The fact that the virus manifested so early in the USA led to some hypotheses that it had been circulating long before December.


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