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Zedge App Becomes Harmful – Google Play Store Malware Protection

Many Android users may have heard about or used Zedge at least once. The popular app offers a variety of content, among which we can count wallpapers, custom app icons, ringtones, and other.

The Zedge app has been available for a long time across Android, Windows, and iOS devices. However, the apps have been removed from the Play Store. Some users are already worried that Google decided to ban the app because it could contain malware. Play Protect will also urge you to uninstall the app from your device or delete it automatically.

At this point, the exact reason for the sudden removal remains unclear. The sudden removal is a bit surprising, especially if we take into account the fact that the app is quite popular among users. The developers have shared a statement via a popular social platform, noting that the problem seems to be related to a bug. It is also mentioned that the team is hard at work on tracking down the cause.

The exact nature of the bug remains elusive, but it is unlikely that any malware could be found within the app since the developers would have mentioned this.

Some users have pointed out the fact that Google may have altered the criteria which are used to classify harmful apps. According to a large number of users, popular apps like Videoder and ES Explorer were also flagged by Play Protect. The new security filters could play a role in this situation, and they may also be responsible for the issues related to Zedge.

It is important to keep in mind the fact that it is very hard to say if the Zedge app is completely safe since hackers can attempt to inject malware into popular apps, with the aim to spread it to users.

Only time will tell if the problem was caused by a real security flaw or something else.


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