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Temple Run 1.13.0 Update Is Now Available With Bug Fixes And Some Performance Improvements

It can be said without a doubt that the ability to play high-quality video games on the go is one of the traits which boosted the popularity of mobile devices and paved the way for the rise of mobile gaming across the world. One of them is Temple Run, which brought the endless runner genre into the limelight and inspired hundreds of similar titles, with some being more successful than others.

About Temple Run

There are a few games that are credited as being pivotal for mobile gaming, as they are thought to have introduced the guidelines which define certain genres. A simple plot serves as a hook for a timeless adventure in Temple Run. The player takes on the role of an adventurer who managed to find a cursed idol into a temple, attracting the rage of the Evil Demon Monkeys, which serve as guardians for the prized item.

The character will attempt to run away from the assailing creatures, starting a race that will last forever. Once the player is caught, the option to restart the run will be offered. With the help of built-in randomization, each run will be different. Runs with put your reflexes to the test as unexpected traps, sharp corners, and treacherous holes will appear. Quick swipes will allow the player to dodge the danger and continue to run

During the run, the player will collect gold coins that can be spent on several power-ups, which can give an edge during the run. Among the power-ups, we can count a temporary shield that prevents death, a distance boost, and an upgradeable increase for the value of connected coins.

What’s new in the latest Temple Run update?

Players have to option to switch between and purchase several playable characters. The list of playable characters includes Guy Dangerous, a renowned explorer, Scarlet Fox, a skilled thief, and Barry Bones, a city police officer. The new Temple Run 1.13.0 update removes several bugs and brings some improvements.


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