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Riot Games Launches Valorant: The Free-to-Play 5v5 FPS Tactical Shooter is Live Worldwide

The day you have all been waiting for has arrived! Valorant has just been launched and it is now live. Fresh out of closed beta, Valorant features a cinematic trailer called Duelists, revealing the new map, Ascent.

In a recent press release, Riot announced its playerbase that they are now all able to play the first-person shooter. You can create an account for free and start playing Valorant on PC at this link.

Valorant, the Ultimate 5v5 Gunfights

For those that have been out of the loop, Valorant is a competitive character-based tactical Shooter for PC. The game will pit two teams of five players against each other in round based gunfights. Check out the latest gameplay trailer to learn more about Riot’s shooter.

Before the launch, Valorant recorded 34 million hours watched in the first day when it launched in closed beta. With 1.7 million peak concurrent viewers, a number that only surpassed the League of Legends World Championship Finals 2019, Valorant clearly became a fan-favorite and players around the world were waiting for the official launch.

“Unprecedented game server quality and infrastructure”

VALORANT is launching with dedicated 128-tick servers, for free, for everyone. Additionally, VALORANT servers will upsample all player movement to 128 FPS, meaning the servers will automatically upscale lagging players with poor internet connection to 128 frames per second for the other players. Additionally, Riot is committed to less than 35 millisecond ping for at least 70% of players globally, made possible by Riot’s network of ISP peering arrangements called “Riot Direct.” Riot Direct has a global network of backhauls for VALORANT players, with points of presence in most major global cities, giving Riot the ability to repair broken routes, load-balance congested routes, and add new circuits to serve more players in the future (so where there is demand, that 70% will go up).

New game server deployments will follow, and will be placed in Warsaw, Madrid, London, Atlanta, and Dallas. Latency conditions in Colombia, Argentina, and Eastern Europe will also be improved as soon as possible.

Riot Games has been quite busy with their new projects and now the debut title League of Legends has a few more siblings in the shape of Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, and Valorant. Other titles like League of Legends: Wild Rift, but also music, comic books and TV series are in the making.

We’ll definitely keep an eye on these updates for you, so head over to our Riot Games page to learn more about the games, patches, and even guides.


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