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New MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Models Release Date Details

Apple products are very popular around the world. They have come up with ingenious ideas for its devices over the years, and the company keeps surprising us with more. The rumors circulating the internet at the moment say that Apple is preparing to release a new MacBook Pro with the scissor keyboard. The rumors started back in November 2019, and they don’t seem to stop.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will release its scissor keyboard on a few devices in the Q2 of this year. MacBook Pro and MacBook Air will be the two Apple devices to launch with a scissor keyboard soon. Fans are very excited about these upcoming models as the current devices featuring scissor keyboards are feeling a bit too sticky for their liking.

Upcoming MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Models

At the moment, these two models are using butterfly switches, which are not very convenient for the users. The butterfly switches arrived on the market five years ago, and it looks like Apple is about to change all that. The launch of the upcoming scissor keyboard is a nice change and very much awaited by all users.

The upcoming scissor keyboard is not the only new feature that Apple is planning to introduce to its MacBook Pro devices. The company also wants to make the screen of the MacBook Pro bigger, which means that instead of 13-inches, it will have 14-inches.

Details on the Release Date

The new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models were supposed to launch in the second quarter of 2020; however, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the launch will be postponed. Hence the delay, there is no release date confirmed yet. We don’t know the release date yet; however, we at least have an idea about what to expect from Apple this year, and we are not one bit disappointed.


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