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iPhone 2020 Leaks on Design Changes Suggestions

Apple seems willing to work already on some new sleek design changes for its upcoming new series of iPhones. Next year will bring 5G-enabled devices for all iPhones models, an update which will bring a new feature. Currently, the rumors about an antenna and a notch in the display, show that Apple is going to try out some new options. The antenna will supposedly enhance the 5G experience. Apple is also considering a switch to wireless charging.

An Antenna Feature Compatible with 5G

Ben Geskin’s tweets have started to fuel the rumors about some possible design changes. He is known for his accurate predictions in the past. According to Geskin, Apple will introduce the new antenna feature for the next iPhones. The upgrade will enhance 5G connectivity, giving users a smooth signal experience. It is still unknown how Apple will choose to design something like this, but the developers could use glass or sapphire material to build the antenna. Geskin’s also stated in one of his tweets that, “Apple long-term plan is to get rid of the Lightning port for the wireless charging and data transfer.”

Slim Top Bezel to Support the Face ID and Front Camera

This thing could be the best feature so far for the upcoming devices. Geskin further explains how Apple is currently exploring many options for the design of the front display screen. A notch-free screen is also highly considered. Moreover, the front camera and the Face ID feature will be embodied by a top bezel.

Latest Apple Release

The iPhone 11 is the last release of the Apple company, which marks another significant success with enhanced features and high sales. The device represents the 13th generation of the iPhone, and it comes with two versions, 11 and 11 Pro.


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