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Could the Competitors Be Behind Tesla’s Pickup Truck Delay in the Launching?

Finally, we have good news about Tesla’s Pickup Truck! The car will launch on 21 November after a long period of postponing and fans discussing the car on forums. Well, prepare to be excited because things are moving, and the vehicle will launch very soon. On the other side, we are suspecting that some competitors could be behind Tesla’s delay, and we are wondering if anything can happen now.

Who Are the Competitors?

Let’s begin with Ford, who has in plan an electric pickup truck called F150. The car from ford is Mach-E inspiration, and it’s more like a Mustang but in an electric version of the crossover vehicle. Ford is planning to release the car somewhere in 2020. Another car that we should take note of is R1T, which is an electric pickup truck as well. This car is impressive because it is one of the few electric vehicles with which you can travel on a long-distance with a full charge. R1T can also pull one million pounds of weight, but unfortunately, we don’t have much information about the release date.

However, we suspect that Tesla will delay the launch of the car, even if the official date is 21 November. If Tesla is delaying the launch of the Pickup Truck to 2020, maybe the competitors would not stand a chance. The postponing of the launching is not suitable for the adversaries, but it’s good for Tesla’s market share. Take note that Tesla is dominating the US market on the Electric Vehicle segment; its shares were now at 57%.

Finally, the price of Tesla’s electric Pickup Truck will start at $50.000, and Musk is stating that his model will exceed Ford’s model and even a Porsche 911 at the sports segment.


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