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YOWhatsApp, the Best Modded Messaging App to use Instead of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps in the world. However, some prefer using a modded version of the popular application. Among such apps, YOWhatsApp for Android is included, and it is, reportedly, the best on the market. The WhatsApp substitute packs a large number of additional features when compared to the original version.

Used by millions of people every day, YOWhatsApp (YOWA) comes with amazing features, the original version of WhatsApp doesn’t pack. Among some of the most prominent is the possibility to hide last seen, the option to completely customize the app, change themes and styles, and lock specific conversations.

Until now, there were found no flaws or glitches in the privacy or security of the modded application.

YOWhatsApp Features

Even though the app hasn’t received an update in the last few months, it is still the best modded messaging app you can possibly get. Here are some of the most outstanding features YOWhatsApp offers.

Innovation – YOWhatsApp has a special feature that allows its users to message a person without saving their contact.

Customization – The app allows users to customize absolutely everything in it, for instance, changing the overall theme from green to the color of their likes.

Emoji Changer – It features the Emoji Pack that comes with Android Oreo

Security – Even though many have this appalling reaction when hearing about modded apps, YOWhatsApp is incredibly secure. The developers are extremely serious about the app’s privacy and security. This particular element allows users to hide their status, the message blue ticks, and last seen for specific contacts.

Download YOWhatsApp APK for Android

To use YOWhatsApp on your Android device, simply follow the steps given below.

  • Download the latest version of YOWhatsApp
  • If the Allow Unknown Sources option on your device is off, head over to ‘Settings,’ then to ‘Security,’ and tap on ‘Enable Unknown Sources’
  • As soon as the download process completed, install the app
  • Once the installation process is over, open the app drawer to launch YOWhatsApp
  • Type in your mobile number and verify the OTP to activate the account

To see what the app offers, click on the three dots menu located in the upper right corner of the chats display and browse it at your will

The Final Bet

To millions of people, YOWhatsApp is better than the original version of the app. With its numerous features and options you don’t get in the original variant, we understand why some would prefer a modded version of WhatsApp.

If you use YOWhatsApp, do share your experience with the app in the comment section below.


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