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YouTube Will Change Its Interface Starting with March

One of the most popular video-sharing platforms, YouTube was created in February 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. After one year of existence, in November 2006, the app becomes one of the Google’s subsidiaries for $1.65 billion. We all know YouTube for its many features such as upload, view rate, report, comment on videos, and add to playlist, subscription to other users, educational channels, blogs, TV shows, and many more.

Most users are still using the old interface and won’t let go of it. However, the company wants to drop it starting with March, so if you haven’t tried the 2017 redesign, now it’s time. The 2017 interface is coming with a new look for YouTube desktop with new features such as the dark theme and modern material design. The company is decisive with the changing, because it will remove it for good, so the choice that was available until now is gone.

YouTube will change its User Interface in March

New Year, new YouTube! The problem with the old interface is that it’s missing a lot of features that the 2017 version has. During these three years, the new version had received a lot of features, designs, and improvements. Of course, even if the old version will be gone from March, you can still access YouTube with the newer version. YouTube is giving heads up to every user that is currently using the old version through a notification.

The notification is saying that you must switch to the new YouTube version. If you have problems after switching to the more original version, try to upgrade your browser as well for having full compatibility. In either case, YouTube will implement the 2017 version from March, so you don’t have a say, so you can start switching it from now. You


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