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YouTube Update Replaces ‘Trending’ With ‘Explore’ on Android and iOS

News of YouTube’s latest upgrade surfaced online, and it seems we’ve got to deal with quite a significant change. As Google stated: “Trending is becoming Explore on the YouTube app.” We acknowledge the new feature arrival. Google has launched the worldwide rollout of the upcoming ‘Explore’ tab to the YouTube for smartphones and other devices, running Android or iOS.

How different is the Explore tab? Also, how much of the enhancement will bring such a change? First, we know that the Trending icon will no longer be seen on YouTube. The Explore Tab replace that feature, as for the last few months, devs tested new additions on the Android variant.

The ‘Explore’ Tab Replaces YouTube’s Praised ‘Trending’

As we mentioned, for the last few months, devs were busy trying to figure out what’s best for YouTube, which features they can add, or what they can replace. Besides the new Explore Tab, we’re going to witness other features soon. Some of them, such filters in the subscription feed and channel previews in the comments section, can be spotted already. The Explore Tab, however, had been under test since two years ago, according to some sources.

The Explore Tab allows all users to access the content from a single place. It has been kept apart from the central feed. It covers hit content categories such as Music, Gaming, Learning, Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Trending videos, and much more. The purpose is to turn the content search more user-friendly and more accessible.

From the YouTube community forum, we can find all the information we need to know about this new feature. In brief, the Explore tab centers on three main objectives. They are: “Easy access to destination pages, Continue to see what’s Trending on YouTube right now, and More prominent Creator & Artist on the Rise section.


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