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YouTube TV Vs Hulu Live – Details, Features, Prices, And More

You’ve probably heard of YouTube TV before or Hulu Live. They’re both streaming service there for you when you need the live TV content. If you’re still curious about which one of them has more to offer or which one might suit you, well, there are a few things you should know.

First, both of them provide you various packages at different costs. Then, both YouTube TV and Hulu Live come with account benefits and exclusive deals. Still, there might be some features one of the streaming services has and the other lacks, that you might find significant. Check out the following comparisons and pick your favorite.

YouTube TV Vs Hulu Live

Compatible Devices

Hulu Live might lose at the compatibility category a little bit, but it tries its best on:

  • Apple devices;
  • Apple TV;
  • Mac and Windows Computers;
  • Smart TVs by LG and Samsung;
  • Amazon Fire TV;
  • Chromecast.

As for YouTube TV, the streaming service supports:

  • Apple TV;
  • Mac and Desktop computers;
  • Apple devices;
  • Android devices;
  • Amazon Fire TV;
  • Xbox One;
  • Hisense TVs;
  • Chromecast;
  • Roku OS

Since February 2020, YouTube TV started to support the PS4 and the PS4 Pro.


There are still some channels that won’t be in the Hulu Live or YouTube TV basic packages. Luckily, they’re available as add-ons! Here is the full list.

Add-ons for Hulu Live:

  • Cinemax for $9.99/month;
  • Showtime for $8.99/month;
  • HBO for $14.99/month (the first six months); $4.99/month.

Add-ons for YouTube TV

  • Showtime for $7/month;
  • AMC for $5/month;
  • NBA League Pass for $40/month;
  • Fox Soccer for $15/month;
  • Shudder for $5/month;
  • Curiosity Stream for $3/month.

Cloud Storage Options

YouTube TV offers unique cloud storage dubbed Cloud DVR. Users can record an endless amount of footage and keep it for up to nine months. As for Hulu Live, it offers only 50 hours of cloud storage, and for $15/month, users can receive up to 200 hours.


To subscribe to Hulu Plus Live TV will cost you $54.99/month, while YouTube TV is only $49.99/month. These are the base prices before users purchase other add-ons or perform any other modifications. Hulu Live costs more because of all the original content that users receive. Unsubscribing one of the services comes at no cost.

Final Thoughts

YouTube TV appears to be more accessible in comparison with Hulu Love. It’s cheaper, and it has more add-ons, more channels, and even more storage space in the cloud. You can always choose a one-week free trial and decide which one might suit you best.


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