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YouTube Tips and Tricks — How to Delete and Restore a Video

YouTube from its beginnings, it’s the most popular, secure, and used video-sharing platform. If you are interested in music, movies, documentaries, Ted Talks, almost everything you want and need, for free, then you have YouTube. At the same time, the app is giving you the possibility to each user to create an account. With that account, you can upload content or just comment and share videos. The video-platform is available for all the OS and all the devices. If you haven’t learned enough about how to use YouTube and your channel, we are giving you some steps for deleting a video and restore it.

How to Delete a Video from YouTube if You Use Your Phone

The first thing you have to do is open the app from your Android phone, go on your profile icon from the home menu. Sign in to your profile, and it is not the case, select your channel from options. Go to the Videos Tab and choose the video you want to delete. All videos have a three-dot menu, tap on them. There you will see the list with option and tap Delete.

How to Delete a Video from YouTube if You Use Your Desktop PC

Start by opening YouTube from your browser, sign-in to your account if it’s necessary. After that, go to the YouTube Studio, click on Videos to see the uploaded videos on your channel. After you decided which video you want to delete, click on the three-dot menu from the video. In the options list, you will see the Delete Forever button, click on it. Also, you can delete multiple videos at the same time. By using the checkboxes, click on the button More Actions and then click on Delete forever.

How to Restore a Deleted Video from YouTube

This process would take some time because once you deleted a video, you can’t restore it. What you have to do is to contact YouTube Support and talk to them about the video you want back. Also, you could try to search on Google or even YouTube the name of the video. Usually, the third-party accounts are uploading videos on other sites so that you could try it.

Finally, a good chance that you could find your video is with Wayback Machine by typing the video’s URL. Also, in the future, you can only turn the visibility of the videos instead of deleting them. In that way, if you don’t have a saved copy, they will still be on your YouTube account.


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