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YouTube Shorts Will Be The New TikTok-Like App

YouTube seems to be in fierce competition with TikTok lately. The short-type video app is one of the most praised apps. Feeling a little bit left behind, YouTube realized that it doesn’t want to be overshadowed by TikTok. So, it decided to develop a similar short-type video app, dubbed Shorts. Users will have to make short videos and then published them. Even if it seems that the two apps are identical, YouTube plans to bring new features. MSNBC’s Dylan Byers confirmed the news.

YouTube Shorts Will be the Newest ‘TikTok’

The new Shorts app will arrive with a significant advantage, according to a report by The Information. The app will have licensed music on the YouTube Music catalog. Similar to TikTok, users will have to make short videos with a selection of clipping, music, and audio. The difference will be that Shorts will have the YouTube Music as a source.

TikTok is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated apps globally. It succeeded in reaching more than 125 % growth in only two years, according to an App Annie report. The app had almost 842 million first-time downloads from both Google and Apple’s app stores in only the last 12 months (15 % growth/year).

More about YouTube’s Decision to Launch ‘Shorts’

Lots of trending topics are also concentrated around the app, even updates about the current coronavirus outbreak. So, it’s understandable why the Google-owned platform plans to gather lots of users like TikTok does.

YouTube’s decision doesn’t come, however, as a surprise. We’ve witnessed before how YouTube released its variant of a well-known feature from Instagram, the Stories. Instagram, too, get some inspiration from Snapchat, when it comes to filters. But, the move to YouTube Shorts at this time might be an intriguing one. It already reached two billion monthly active users. It also has lots of music licensing agreements.


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