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YouTube restricts picture-in-picture mode to paying subscribers

 iOS 14 features a unique new feature called picture-in-picture mode. This feature allows the user to watch a video in a small window, meaning you can do something else on your iPhone at the same time. This feature comes in aid when you want to chat with your friends during your break, but also want to watch a video on YouTube in Safari. Or let’s say you want to check your emails but watching an interesting video, well, why not do both? 

YouTube restricts picture-in-picture mode to paying users 

The PIP feature is awesome, and iPhone users love it, but it looks like not all owners will enjoy it anymore. YouTube took this opportunity to make more money, meaning people will have to pay for using the picture-in-picture mode on their platform by becoming a member. That’s right; unless you pay for YouTube Premium, you can’t enjoy this cool iOS 14 feature on YouTube. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and see it for yourself. 

Keep in mind the restrictions apply on the YouTube platform only. iPhone users can still enjoy the PIP mode if the videos are embedded on a website, according to MacRumors. However, for it to work on YouTube, you need to buy a YouTube Premium subscription. The feature will work as usual once you become a premium member.  

If you don’t have YouTube Premium, the PIP mode doesn’t work as it should. The change was made recently as yesterday it worked just fine even as a free YouTube user. Plus, it worked perfectly fine when iOS 14 was in its beta phase. On the other hand, regardless of the YouTube premium subscription, the PIP mode works just fine on iPads. 

We are not sure whether it is just a bug or a definitive change on the YouTube platform. However, it makes sense if the video-sharing platform wants to restrict the picture-in-picture mode to its paying subscribers, right? Google and Apple haven’t addressed the issue yet. 


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