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YouTube Music Advantages and Disadvantages – Is The App Useful

YouTube Music is an app that offers a service for music streaming. YouTube created the app as the name has it. However, the difference is that the YouTube Music is reserved for music only. The music streaming service was launched back in 2015, and users have enjoyed it ever since. The app is available in 77 countries at the moment, so go ahead and see if you can explore it.

You can download the app for free; however, it runs adds, which means it can be annoying at times. But, there is a premium version of the app that users can purchase. Besides being free of adds, the YouTube Premium service includes other features as well that are not available in the free version. Let’s see the pros and cons of using the stand-alone YouTube Music app.

YouTube Music – Advantages

The first advantage is that you can use the app for free. All you need to do in order to access the music library is to sign in. Once you do, the only thing that might stay in your way is the bad internet connection. It won’t take you long to use with the app’s interface, as it is very similar to YouTube.

YouTube Music has a few cool features that you can toggle with. The app offers a tailored recommendation for songs. What does this mean? It means the app recommends you a playlist just on your taste. The app system takes into consideration your geographical location, playlist history, and the songs that you liked in order to do just that. Although YouTube and YouTube Music are stand-alone apps, they are also connected. The playlist that YouTube Music creates for you is also based on the existing playlists you have created on YouTube.

Did it ever happen to you to have a song stuck inside your head but couldn’t remember the name of the song or the singer? What I would normally do in this case is google up the lyrics I remembered. However, you can do this via the YouTube Music app directly. Type in the lyrics or song phrases, and the app will show you all of the available results.

This music streaming service offers you not only music tracks, but also music videos, officially released music tracks, and international content. Artists have their own YouTube Music channel, so that’s where you want to go to find out their latest records. This service also offers live shows and fantastic song covers that are reserved only on this app. The app is available on iOS and Android, and it also has a web version. It is very easy to access it, so go ahead and explore it.

YouTube Music – Disadvantages

The biggest con of the app is the adds. If you want to use the free version only, it will be quite frustrating to enjoy the music. The standard version of the app also has a smaller music library than the premium version. In case the adds become too annoying, then you can opt for the YouTube Music Premium or find a good ad-blocker service.

The free version of the app doesn’t allow you to download the songs or music videos. That means you are not allowed to watch the content offline; however, this issue is sorted by acquiring the premium version.

Only 77 countries can enjoy YouTube Music, which makes the app a disadvantage for the rest of the countries. However, people that live in other regions can access the app with the help of a good VPN.  Same as YouTube, this app doesn’t allow you to play a song without having your mobile phone unlocked and the app running. However, the app can run in the background if you buy the premium version of the app.


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