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YouTube Music Adds In-app Lyrics Feature

Recently, YouTube Music has made available for Android users the function to display lyrics. After this launch, every operating system on a gadget has the service to access words on a playback screen. This option is being offered to the customers free of charge, whether users opt for a standard account or a premium one.

The users have highly appreciated this upgrade since they can listen to a song and access in the meantime the lyrics. This option can be accessed at any time by simply touching the (i) button situated at the bottom of the video displayed. The words do not scroll down automatically, and each user has to follow the lines manually.

However, this option is not available for all the videos, since some of the songs do not have any lyrics posted. This is a problem that does not involve YouTube because the songs were posted originally without any words added.

New in-app lyrics feature in YouTube Music

At the moment, YouTube is waiting for future opinions on this initiative, since the update has not been for an extended period available to the broad public. Even though the company is trying to offer upgrades to its users, they are as well concerned about what is currently happening in the world with the ongoing pandemic.

Therefore, they decided two days ago to diminish the quality of the videos displayed. This measure is taken to support reducing the impact on network operators. The stress of networks is caused by more and more people forced to start working from home due to isolation.

It appears that the European Union Regulations have imposed these measures to various other streaming platforms. Consequently, Amazon has started lowering streaming bitrates, and Netflix does not have the 4K and HD options for movies anymore.


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