YouTube Music 3.49.53 Update Brings A New Exciting Feature

It’s definitely not too far-fetched to say that YouTube managed to become the most popular, secure, and used video-sharing platform.

Anyone who is interested in music, movies, documentaries, Ted Talks, and more can find all this for free on the YouTube platform.

At the same time, the app provides users with the possibility to each user to create an account. With the help of that account, you can upload content or just comment and share videos. It’s also worth noting that the video-platform is available for all the OS and all the devices.

YouTube just received a really cool update.

YouTube Music 3.49.53 Update

As we already said, the platform is one of the world’s biggest software companies and that it’s directly in charge of YouTube Music. The music streaming app is updated on a daily basis with improvements and new features.

The latest update for the platform is available to download now for all users. This is a high0prieotity update because it brings some pretty impressive improvements.

A new feature called Discover Mix

YouTube fans will be really excited to learn that there’s a brand new feature in this update called Discover Mix. The update also brings a few bug fixes as well, and it’s needless to highlight the fact that these always come in handy.

But this new feature that we just mentioned above allows users to access a personalized playlist with songs that they’ll like.

It’s been reported that the songs that are listed in the Discover Mix new feature are based on what users listen to the most. This new element will be also updated with a new set of songs every Wednesday, and fans will always have something new to discover.

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