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YouTube Gets Automated Reviews System Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus outbreak is affecting the YouTube workplace. Usually, YouTube would depend on human reviewers to check out the content. However, with the virus spreading widely, the system will be supported by the machine learning. The automated system will be in charge most of the time, as the situation around the world is affecting more and more people.

The system’s algorithms are usually detecting possible harmful content, which is then redirected to human reviewers to be analyzed. However, the world is not at its best at the moment, and companies need to take action to protect their employees. Therefore, YouTube reduced its office workers due to the health risk of infection, which means that from now on, the potentially harmful content will be reviewed and removed by the automated system.

However, their decision might not be taken well by the video creators as the automated system could remove more videos than don’t violate its policies. That means that the number of removed videos could increase significantly.

Automate Reviews System Comes to YouTube due to Coronavirus

YouTube announced to expect delays when it comes to content reviews due to the “workforce precautions.” Google also made an announcement to its developers regarding the Play Store app reviews potential delays.

We could see a change in the YouTube policies in the near future, hence the coronavirus situation. Promoted content and live streams could also be affected by the automated system in the next few weeks.

Here’s the message from YouTube: “We recognize this may be a disruption for users and creators, but know this is the right thing to do for the people who work to keep YouTube safe and for the broader community. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we take these steps during this challenging time.”

Hopefully, the coronavirus situation will slowly fade away, and things will go back to normal with YouTube, among others.

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