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You’ll Be Amazed By The 212-Story Citadel Of Flight Simulator’s Melbourne!

Microsoft’s updated Flight Simulator is very popular for accurately recreating all of the planet’s splendor, including 550 cities, about 197 square miles of land and sea, thanks to machine learning to model 3D structure from satellite imagery of Bing Maps.

The Anomaly

However, one in-game model haunts players – The Spire – A 212-story skyscraper over the suburbs of Melbourne Australia.

Here are a few images of the monstruosity, posted by Twitter user @alexandermuscat:

The Spire is gaining popularity among gamers. The peculiar building has a charming yet scary vibe to it.

Imagine flying a plane in real life and seeing that building in front of the cockpit, without knowing it’s there.

“All Hail The Spire” wrote Kotaku.

The mystery skyscraper is far from real, obviously, and many people started working together to solve the origin of the problem.

It appears that someone using Openstreetmap, from which Microsoft’s Bing Maps pulls data, had mistakenly added hundreds of stories to a suburban residence.

The creator of the anomaly, 25-year-old Nathan Wright, admitted that he had made some mistakes during its assignment of inputting data on the Melbourne suburbs.

The Monolith Challenge

Some good came out of the monolith (as it has been named), apart of a few laughs – Many enthusiasts are trying to land their planes on top of the building, and their attempts make for a lot of fun and giggles!

Some hope that the problem never gets patched!


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