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You Can Now Mute WhatsApp Chats Forever Thanks To A New Update

A recent WhatsApp feature might soon allow users to forever mute a chat on the messaging app. The newest beta version ( features a new option in the “Mute Notifications” tab that replaces the “1-year” option with “Always.”

The same update also includes more features like a new storage usage user interface, media guidelines, and a new storage usage user interface.

Update Status

WhatsApp currently has three options for muting chats – eight hours, one week, and one year.

The mute option is available only for beta testers, and it’s not yet known when it will be widely released. If you are eager to get your hands on the new feature, you can join WhatsApp’s beta testing program.

However, we expect it to be released soon since it’s such a nice improvement to the experience.

Other Improvements

The same update also hides voice and video call buttons in chats. The controls can still be accessed if you tap the profile icon in the conversation and contact list.

We don’t yet know why they chose to remove the call buttons from their regular position, but we are sure that they might make a comeback in a future update, should users be unhappy with the change.

The new update also features a new Storage usage UI. The rollout was notably slow, so only a bunch of users received the revamped Storage Usage.

Also, a new feature known as Media Guidelines is being rolled out WhatsApp Android beta users. The feature helps users align stickers and text when they edit media.

That feature is only available for beta users at the moment.

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