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Xiaomi Redmi K30i: Specs and Features

Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro has recently been announced, and it is expected to be released on May 22nd of this year as per the latest reports. The smartphone is a mid-range device, as it features 6GB of RAM and the recent Qualcomm processor, Snapdragon 865, which means that it will offer 5G support.

The tech giant is also expected to launch the Xiaomi Redmi K30i, which is a rather budget-oriented mobile device from the series.

Redmi K30i – Specs and Features

Redmi has launched the K series back in July of 2019 with the K20. The ‘K’ in the lineup stands for ‘Killer,’ a similar approach to that of OnePlus, who stepped into the market referred to as the ‘Flagship Killer.’

These devices are advanced and highly performant smartphones, but offered at significantly lower prices, therefore, bridging the gap between the extremely expensive and performance-based flagships and more affordable smartphones with weaker performance. Because of this, the K range has been highly acclaimed and also purchased by many as it was incredibly affordable.

The Redmi K30i features the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor, which promises a decent device performance. It also sports a 6.5-inch display, a 4,100 mAh battery, and 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of internal storage space.

Some recent leaks regarding the Redmi K30i have stated that the smartphone is likely going to have a punch-hole camera, which is a downgrade from the pop-up camera mounted on the earlier models in the range. If the leak ends up being correct, we’d have dead pixels on the screen because of the punch-hole camera.

The upcoming Redmi K30i is also allegedly packing a triple camera setup on the back, which is another depreciated feature, in comparison to the quad-camera array in the Redmi K30. However, the official specs and features have not yet been announced, so what we mentioned so far comes from various leaks and reports.

The smartphone will reportedly pack a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, which is rather unusual nowadays. However, loaded with such great specs, the Redmi K30i is expected to launch on June 8th of this year, with the incredibly affordable price of about $200.


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