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Xender: How to Fix Connectivity-Related Issues in the App

Xender is probably the handiest file sharing platform Android-powered devices can use. The app enables users to transfer huge-sized video and audio files across separate devices in seconds, and it also provides the option to share files at the same time across multiple devices.

Xender uses either Wi-Fi or hotspot connectivity in order to transfer the files, and this particular functionality could cause a number of issues at some point. In order to help you solve those problems, we came up with this post, specifically designed for devices running Android 6.0.

How to Fix Connectivity-Related Issues in Xender

Android Marshmallow 6.0, along with the subsequent two operating systems from Android, namely the Android Nougat 7.0 and the Android Oreo 8.0, has launched with some issues. One of the most common problems with these software is the connection errors it often has, and this particular event was linked to the use of Xender as well, more so when it comes to devices running Android 6.0.

1. Check the Wi-Fi or Hotspot Connection

If you happened to encounter this issue while trying to transfer files via Xender, first verify the connection. If the icon cannot be found, try enabling it manually. Also, remember to disable the mobile data connection, as well as Bluetooth. To enjoy a more smooth experience, this should also be done on the device that transfers or receives the files.

2. Restart the Device

You know the common and usual fix when it comes to technology: restarting. By restarting your device, the issue could fix the brief issues behind the errors. 

3. Update Xender

If you’ve tried both suggestions, but it didn’t work, you might need to update the app. To do this, head over to Google Play Store, search the app and see if there is any update available. It there is, update it. Next, switch on the location, and launch Xender. Remember to enable the location on the other device as well.

4. Enable the App

Some Android smartphones/tablets pack a feature known as ‘Phone Master,’ which enables users to make different changes to the device. To enable Xender via this feature, first close the app and launch Phone Master. Head over to ‘Network Management,’ find the app, and check the marked box located beside it. Next, apply the changes and launch Xender to see if the issue has fixed.

If, after following all those steps, the app is still not working, you need to clear the cache or remove and reinstall Xender from Google Play Store.

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