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Xender File 5.0.1. Prime Update is Available to Download

Xender makes the process of sharing files between devices quite simple, which otherwise would take a long time, although many might not see this. The app enables users to transfer almost any type of file from smartphones to PC and vice versa while making all this process simple and straightforward.

The transfer can be made with Xender no matter what mobile phone model, or operating system you use. The app packs numerous features, some of which are incredibly useful, such as a great speed of transfer, cross-platform sharing, and more. Here are some of the key attires of Xender.

Key Features

Great Speed – The app can reach high speeds, up to 40Mb per second. This feature is extremely important as it helps save time.

Supports all Types of Files – You can transfer any type of file you want, including documents, music, pictures, videos, and apps. Moreover, users are able to send large files without limitations.

No Network Connection Needed – Xender doesn’t need any cables, no internet, and no data usage to transfer files.

Cross-Platform Transferring – The app simplifies connections between smartphones, tablets, and PCs, and allows you to share any types of files between Android, iOS, and Windows OS.

File Manager – This functionality allows you to view, move, or delete files you received and also make a backup copy of them when you need to clean the storage of the smartphone.

Transferring files between smartphones with Xender only takes a few minutes. To use the app, both devices must have the app installed and running.

Xender File 5.0.1. Prime Update

Xender receives regular updates, as the developers are trying to make the app more exciting and easy to use for users. The latest, Xender File 5.0.1. Prime update​, comes with a new feature, a casual game center, and more social tools, including Facebook and INS downloader.

In addition, the update also fixes a few bugs and integrates more transfer optimizations.


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