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Xender: a Rapid Way to Transfer Files Between Devices

The process of sending files between computers or smartphones is quite time-consuming, even though we might not realize this. However, there are other ways that make the transfer easier and quicker. We will only mention an application in this post – Xander -​ an app that makes sending files more simply, irrelevant to the smartphone model, or operating system.

Previously, when technology was only at the very beginning, sending or receiving files such as videos, music, or applications from a smartphone was a difficulty. You could have done it by either pairing on Bluetooth or by connecting the phones to a computer to discard the files. Both techniques required plenty of time, more so when you wanted to transfer files between two mobile phones.

Xender​ has a Great File Transfer Speed

As technology kept developing, there are currently numerous methods that allow a smooth and quick file transfer between smartphones. Apps such as flash Share, ShareIt, and Xender have been specifically created to help people with this process. However, from all these applications, Xender is the fastest and more reliable.

The Xender application enables users to share files between either Android or iOS devices using only the Wi-Fi connection on the smartphone. There is no need for cables to be involved in the process; however, it is best that the device that sends the files to be close to the device that receives them in order for the transfer to work properly.

Transferring large files between mobile devices with Xender​ only takes a few minutes. To be able to use the app, both the devices must have Xender​ installed. Using the file transfer service is not as challenging as many may think, as it has a user-friendly interface, and it is smartly designed, so it is easy to navigate.

If you want to try out the app, you can find it here on the official website.


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