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Xender 5.1.1.Prime Update Features Brand New Video to MP3 Converter

Xender is one of the most used sharing applications is the world. With a rather simple interface, it makes the process of transferring files between devices an easy task. The app allows people to share almost anything from mobile phones to PC and vice versa, managing to make this otherwise complicated procedure, simple and unambiguous.

The transfer process can be performed with Xender, no matter what type of smartphone or operating system you utilize. The sharing application comes with a large variety of features, some of which being extremely helpful. A number of these useful features include an amazing speed of transfer, cross-platform sharing ability, and so on.

Here are some of the key features the app comes with.

Xender – The Best Sharing App Fulfilling all Your Transfer Needs

• It allows you to share music, videos, photos, music videos, ShareIt, ShareMe, ShareFile
•​ You can transfer all kinds of files, including apps, PDFs, Word, Excel, Zip, folders, and more, in any place, at whatever time
•​ Requires no mobile data usage
•​ It has a transfer speed ranked as 200 times the Bluetooth sharing speed
•​ Supports cross-platform sharing, including all kinds of operating systems, such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Tizen, and more
•​ It doesn’t need a USB connection or an additional PC software
•​ The app is used by more than 500 million people all over the world
•​ Offers the possibility to play the music and videos right after you receive them
•​ Comes with a video to audio convertor
•​ Has a social media downloader, which allows you to save videos from WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram
•​ Features a game center with hundreds of casual games accessible without requiring downloading or install

Xender 5.1.1. Prime Update

Xender’s latest update comes with some new features and, as usual, bug fixes and overall enhancements of the performance, as well as transfer optimizations. The release, Xender 5.1.1. Prime update​, packs a brand new video to MP3 converter, and a new category of Popular Latest Videos that get updated every day from Likee.


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