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Xender 4.7.3 Prime Update – See What’s New

Xender is a pretty robust application that managed to become popular in the Android community by offering various benefits for users. For instance, it allows users to share any types of files that they want at some super-fast speeds.

These speeds even exceed Bluetooth by 200 times for those of you who didn’t know that.

The app is included in the Google Play Store, and it can be considered extremely handy mainly due to the fact that it’s able to share all types of files without the need to use your mobile data.

Xender offers users a lot of important features, but this is not even the only thing that makes Xender stand out when you’re comparing it to other similar applications.

One of the best things that Xender flaunts is the fact that this app gets updates all the time regularly, and this means that it’s able to get various improvements and bug fixes that take the UX and software stability to the very next level.

The app just received such a cool update and we’ll detail what exactly this brings new.

Xender 4.7.3 Prime Update

The latest update for this app is sporting the 4.7.3 Prime version number and the fans of the app can download it in two ways.

First of all, you can keep the phone connected to the Internet and wait for the update to pop up in your notification panel. Secondly, you can also install the update in the form of an APK.

What’s new

Here’s what’s new in this app:

  • this is a high priority release that brings new features and bug fixes
  • the Night Mode is back on the app
  • there are more language options included – Russian
  • there are added online videos that you can watch
  • you can enjoy bug fixes and transfer enhancements

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