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Xbox’s Project Scarlett Consoles Specs Have Been Reported

Xbox’s Project Scarlett rumors have culminated with a new report that reveals the next-generation console’s specs. The report was posted by Windows Central, and it says that numerous sources have shared information about the specs for both top-of-the-line ‘Anaconda’ console, as well as the cheaper one, ‘Lockhart.’

Project Scarlett is Competing Hard

The outlet reports that Anaconda is packing around 12 teraflops (TF) of computing power, and the Lockhart is hitting 4TF. In comparison, the base Xbox One features 1.4TF, and the 4K-able console packs 6TF.

According to Windows Central, TF only concerns the raw power; not other manners technology can be utilized to improve overall performance. So, Lockhart coming with fewer TF is not an issue. For instance, Microsoft has announced that Scarlett will be using the advanced ray-tracing rendering method for a graphical enhancement.

In the meantime, Lockhard and Anaconda will both allegedly featuring CPU cores attempting approximately 3.5GHz. Anaconda is rumored to have a minimum of 13GB of RAM for games and 3GB on the operating system for 16GB. In comparison, the X is coming with a maximum of 9GB of RAM memory.

Minute-Long Loading Time Reduced to Seconds

Finally, the outlet says that a ‘huge focus area’ for both Anaconda and Lockhart is decreasing load times. This will allegedly be reached via NVMe SSD proprietary tech, which Windows Central notes that minute-long load times will be reduced to a few seconds.

Moreover, the reporter says that Microsoft’s Project xCloud game streaming platform will be utilized to allows users to play games while they wait for them to download locally.

Windows Central finalized its report by emphasizing the fact that these rumors should be taken with a pinch of salt because Microsoft has not yet made an official specs announcement. Also, the consoles’ technology could be altered in the following months.

Project Scarlett is scheduled to launch during ‘holiday 2020.’


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