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Xbox Series X vs. Xbox Series S – Which One To Choose?

Microsoft brings its next-generation consoles Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in mid-November, and we must know the differences between the two machines if we’re planning to buy one. As the Series X console is $200 more expensive than Series S, the price doesn’t have to be an important difference. The demanded money doesn’t always reflect how good the product actually is.

Xbox Series S is Series X’s ‘little sister’, as the first offers less powerful features than the other. Microsoft builds Series S for those gamers who are willing to enjoy next-generation gameplay at a little lower configuration power.

Processing and graphics

Both the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles will be powered by a custom Zen 2 eight-core processor. While the Series X CPU will run at 3.8GHz, the Series S processor will be featuring 3.6GHz. The main console with be packing 16GB of GDDR6 RAM, while its smaller sibling will have only 10GB.

Ray tracing is another important aspect, and it will be supported by both consoles. While the Series X console will be running games in the 4K resolution, the Series S will only be capable of 1440p.

The graphics processing also represents a notable difference – the Series X features 12 TFLOPS (52CUs at 1.825GHz) of RDNA 2 graphics. As for the Series S, the console has 4 TFLOPS (20CUs at 1.565GHz) of RDNA 2 graphics.


Each of the two next-generation Xbox consoles will carry an SSD, which is a much better deal than a hard disk drive. The Series X’s storage space will be featuring a 1TB internal SSD, while the Series S will have only a 512GB SSD.


The Xbox Series X console will cost £449 / $499, while the Xbox Series S will be only $299 / £249 at launch. Pre-orders for both consoles are now available.

Both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be running the same games, and also all the titles available across the entire Xbox universe.

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