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Xbox Series X Vs. PlayStation 5 – Which One Would Be More Performant?

These next-gen consoles are lit! Both the Xbox Series X and PS5 have great specs, featuring similar specifications. This article is about the main difference between the upcoming Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

These consoles are not called next-gen for anything. Both feature the latest and most advanced ray tracing. Both come with a really cool spacial audio as well as solid-state drives. However, the main difference between these two consoles stands in the Teraflops.

The revealed specs for the Xbox Series X state that the console will feature more than 12 Teraflops while the PS5 capacity is just 10.3 Teraflops. Now you might think that this difference is not that big; however, this could be a considerable gap between the graphics performance of the two upcoming consoles.

Xbox Series X Vs PS5 – Xbox’s Next-gen Console Might Be More Powerful Than Sony’s PlayStation 5

According to Notebookcheck, the Xbox Series X is going to he about 30 percent more powerful than the PS5. Here’s the difference between the two consoles explained: “Sony’s claim that high clock speeds offset its meager shader allocation on the PlayStation 5 doesn’t hold water when Navi overclocking results are factored in. Due to non-linear performance/clock scaling, the likely performance deficit between the two consoles is in the 25-30 percent range, which may have a major impact on 4K performance.”

What Notebookcheck is trying to say is that the Xbox Series X console is going to offer a better game experience with a higher resolution than the PlayStation 5. The console from Microsoft has a better graphical performance than the console from Sony.

There is going to be a fierce competition between these to consoles. Although the analyst said that the Xbox Series X is better from the graphical performance point of view, is this really going to stop consumers from buying the PS5? Do we really even need so many Teraflops? Let us know your opinion!


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