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Xbox Series X Might Be Called Otherwise

At the Game Awards from last week, the previous entry from the Microsoft’s Xbox line was the official subject treated for everyone. Project Scarlett as we know it until now received a new name – Xbox Series X. but the name is not the official name of the entire lineup. The Xbox Series X will be the name for a specific model of the whole line up, just for one model of the console. As for the base system, its name will be the simplest one – Xbox.

However, we have an official statement from a representative of the company. The spokesman from Microsoft is saying that the next console will have the simple name – Xbox. It appears that Microsoft has thought of changing the strategy in terms of marketing. Saying only Xbox sounds excellent and precise while saying Xbox One X, the name seemed awkward and ungainly. So after some critics, the company decided to change something in this department as well, and it’s going with a simple name, easy enough for its consumers.

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Besides that, the rebranding serves well for the company when it comes to its position on the consoles market. Since the beginning of the Xbox One, the console had a problem against its competitors Sony and Nintendo. The lack of first-party games and third party exclusives were one of the factors that made the Xbox One lower on the market. But you learn from mistakes, Microsoft knows this very well now. And because the company wants to do things differently, the investing was high in new technologies. Microsoft wants to come before its competitors with streaming technology, backward compatibility, and a cross-play between the other two platforms.

Drawing to an end, Microsoft must focus on their consoles improvements, but on games as well. If you want to have customers, especially with two powerful competitors, you have to offer a lot of reasons for choosing the right or best console. Besides the simple name of the next console, the shape of the console was not well received. We will see what success will have the Xbox in 2020.


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